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Happy Divine Masculine Day!

In celebration of the named ‘Father’s Day’ today, I invite you to honor your Divine Masculine and the qualities which make us all ‘fathers’ in our lives. Perhaps you’ve heard about ‘divine feminine’ and the reclamation of feminine spirit in a highly male-dominated society? There is a need for this; for centuries upon centuries, family lineage has been recognized by the male line, women have taken their husband’s last names, and in many cultures, women have been viewed as the property of their father or husband. It’s only in the last 100+ out of 2,023 years that women have ‘rights,’ have a voice, are able to vote, and can own a home or bank account in their own name. Men have held dominion throughout the course of history, leaning on their greater physical strength and power to hold political, social and authoritarian control. Thus, the quest to find a stronger feminine spirit in our society is not misplaced, and serves to inspire greater compassion, development, equanimity and a sentiment of collectiveness over one-ness. And yet, we must remember the value of a masculine presence, for we need both the divine feminine and the divine masculine qualities to remain in balance.

The familiar yin-yang symbol represents this balance. It evokes the duality of each quality existing within the other. There is no masculine without the presence of feminine, and vice versa. While we may be apt to criticize the masculine, note this sentiment derives from an over-swing in stark contrast to seek balance against our highly patriarchal history, as mentioned above, that has been ever-present for a very long time. Such is a natural response to establish greater balance between both masculine and feminine, though recognizing it will take time to see the impacts, and appreciating that just like the yin-yang symbol, there will be times when one side ebbs or flows into stronger presence. Within ourselves, we may mirror this flux, at times finding ourselves in softness and feminine ‘yin’ energies, and at others in more assertive masculine ‘yang’ energies. And so, in honoring the value we glean from our masculine and ‘fatherly’ qualities, what wisdom do we gain from this active, yang, masculine and purposeful presence within?

Masculine energies evoke presence and taking a stance of ownership and right within the world. Encompassed in these broader qualities, we find within ourselves assertive action, willfulness, commitment, strength, courage and leadership. Fathers have historically quantified these, being viewed (in general) as providers, protectors, leaders of the family, guides and stoics through challenge. In our youth and adolescence, a father-figure teaches us to have confidence in ourselves, how to solve problems, survive through difficulty, take responsibility for our actions, look out for others and defend against harm. These ‘fatherly’ energies help us strive for greatness, attain accomplishments and have a strong voice to advocate for oneself and others. As adults, we impart these to future generations, promoting their success and perpetuating our lineages and humanity. When looking at these traditional masculine and patriarchal qualities, where do you find them within yourself, regardless of your gender?

This week, we move into the season of summer, a time when we see masculine energies expressed in full! In nearly all cultures living in harmony with the elements and Earth, summer is the season of FIRE. It’s the season to take courageous action, test limits, seize the natural energy of long sun-lit hours, complete the work of toiling and tending, and be purposeful in pursuit of our goals. Through the spring, we set new intentions and sowed seeds for what we desired. Now, in summer, we watch these bloom, bear fruit, and tend to our goals with vigor! Aptly timed, Father’s Day falls in the cusp of summer, and Mother’s Day falls in the heart of spring. We honored the feminine qualities of nurturing and care in the spring, and we now honor the masculine qualities of purpose and fruition as we cycle into summer.

For all the ‘fathers’ within us, for the masculine energy we harness to live in right purpose, we celebrate you! For some of us, we recognize a ‘father’ today, either with us or departed. For others, we might honor a mother who also plays the role of father. And for yet others, if having a father has been elusive, perhaps today may serve to shine a light on your own inner-father, on your divine strength, courage, protective-nature and ability to take your rightful place in the world. May this dawning fire energy of summer fuel you to go out and pursue what you need, what you deserve, and what fulfills you – let this masculine energy captivate you to take action and activate your inner ‘father!’

With wishes for a Happy Divine Masculine (aka Father’s) Day!

Written by Jen Rizza, Founder of Newtown Wellness Collective

Jen is a RYT yoga teacher specializing in restorative and yin yoga practices, a Reiki Master Teacher, and internationally certified wellness coach, supporting clients seeking overall greater balance of health, energy and wellbeing in their lives.

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