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Health & Wellness Services

Below is a Selection of Services Offered
by our Practitioners - Explore their websites for more offerings

Reiki Energy Therapy

60 Minute In-Person Session

We are all made of energy - enjoy a session to discover areas in your body and chakras where your energetic flow could be cleared or increased.  When your energy flow is balanced, you feel greater vitality, peace, connection and presence in life.


In-person sessions are located at Rocky Glen Mill, Suite 203

Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Reiki Treatment

Distance Reiki Session

60 Minute Session via Zoom

Energy does not know the limitations of space and time.  Clients experience profound healing and relaxation through Distance Reiki.  Throughout the session, Jen will connect with your unique energy body and work to balance your chakras, overall aura and address any non-serving energy deposits.

This is a distance (remote) session.  We will meet on a Zoom call, and you will be able to lie quietly in the comfort of your home while Reiki is transmitted to you.

Energy Healing
Wellness Coach

Intuitive Healing Session

Start with a Consultation Request

Connect with Tracy Mignone, Reiki Master Teacher, Rising Star Practitioner, Mahatma Infusion Therapist and Inter-Faith Minister of the Order of the Melchezidek to customize a session to address your unique wellness needs.  Tracy works with clients to understand the areas of their life which are imbalanced and offers a blend of energy modalities, spiritual consultation, readings, ear conings, meditations and Yoga Nidra.  By integrating these many pathways to invite your body to find its natural balance and health, Tracy customizes your session specifically to you. 

Personalized Sound Healing Therapy

60 Minute Session

Work with Dorina Leslie, a certified sound healing practitioner, to support your current healthcare and promote deeply restorative relaxation.  Dorina uses Alexander-method weighted tuning forks, crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, chimes, practitioner bowls and other instruments to bring sound to targeted areas of the body.


A one hour sound bath or 1:1 individual sound healing session is equivalent to 8 hours of  deep quality sleep!  It can boost your mood and support your overall health and wellness as part of a holistic lifestyle.  If you are using a traditional Western medicine approach, regular sound therapy, along with bodywork, reflexology, good nutrition, proper movement and good sleep can support your overall health. Tune up your happy, for a better outlook on life. Sound healing is the perfect way to raise your vibration and align body,

mind and spirit. 

Singing Bowl Sound Healing
Three Women

Personal Growth Coaching & Mentorship

Step into living with greater meaning & purpose, increased joy & presence

If you've been looking for support to feel more present and engaged in your life, if you feel like you've been just getting by and know there's more for you, schedule a call with Jen Rizza, Wellness & Healthy Living Guide.  You have the capacity to shine and together we'll work to illuminate what no longer serves you and set the path for you to live in greater alignment with your true Self.

Start by scheduling a 20 minute discovery session with Jen.

In your session, we'll explore areas of your life that are working for you or where you could find more presence, overcome limiting beliefs and challenges, and live with more joy.  


This is a Zoom video session.

Spiritual Therapy

Consultation Request

From the basis of traditional mental health therapy, we also include complementary healing such as Reiki, somatic movement, Akashic records, Tarot, intuitive discovery.  Blending the traditions of healing over centuries with modern approaches yields a deeper level of emotional growth.

Spiritual Therapy for Whole Wellness
Sheryl Fatse Headshot 2.JPG

Somatic Mind Body Coaching

Connect Your Physical (Body) Experience 

with Your Internal (Mind) Experience

The purpose of somatic coaching is centered around aligning our physical or bodily wisdom and experiences with our beliefs, values and purpose. The goal is to live, act, and relate from this fully embodied place, and relate to and grow more trusting of our inner healer - known as the core Self.  

Sheryl uses an Internal Family Systems (IFS) or parts-work approach with her clients.  In an attempt to protect us from pain, our 'parts' (inner children or sub-personalities) may conflict with each other and act in unhelpful ways learned in the past. Somatic Parts-Work helps us to work with and heal these parts in order to experience greater internal harmony and cohesion. 

Private Yoga Session

New to Yoga?  Returning to your practice?

Want to increase stamina or flexibility?

Work with Jen Rizza, RYT-200 and Restorative & Yin 50-hour certified yoga teacher.  Refine your practice and work individually to build skills which support your body and your wellness goals.  Jen follows a Hatha-tradition-based approach, fostering body awareness and focusing on mindful movement.

Whether looking for a personalized flow to address problem areas in your body, building confidence in your practice, finding deep relaxation or starting a new yoga practice in a supportive setting, working 1:1 gives you the customized attention to tailor your yoga practice to your unique goals.

Yoga Stretch
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