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Reiki I

April 6th date is rescheduled to May 11th

Additional Level I Classes Coming Later

in 2024

Have you ever wanted to better understand Reiki and energy, and learn how it can help you everyday? 


In this level I Reiki class, students learn the foundations of Reiki, the principles of working with Universal/Source/Divine energy and how to perform daily self-Reiki routines.  Being connected with higher power and the universal weave of energy is about being in-tune with yourself and your environment. 

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Reiki I Training


Through Reiki, you can learn how to become more sensitive to natural energies and understand how the energy moves through you and impacts how you show up.  For many, Reiki I is the first step to deepening your self-awareness and will give you tools to incorporate in your self-care practices, as well as guidance for meditation, daily ritual and self-regulation breathing.

In this Reiki I training, you will:

  • Learn the history of Reiki and its evolution since Mikao Usui first discovered this healing energy

  • Understand the energy body and how Reiki supports the body's natural inclination to heal

  • Understand the guiding Reiki principles to incorporate in your daily life

  • Learn the traditional hand positions for Self-healing and with others

  • Learn a daily Self-care practice to connect with the Reiki energy

  • Understand and apply the use of pendulums

  • Receive your Level I Reiki attunement

  • Open yourself to deeper connection with Spirit/Source/Universal Divine connection


Who you work with as your Reiki teacher makes a difference.  Everyone who practices Reiki experiences it a little differently.  It’s not just about getting your attunement.  What you want from Reiki is essential to how you will experience it.  Be sure to find the right teacher for you, someone who aligns with your values, beliefs and goals for accessing Source energy.

From Newtown Wellness Collective, Jen Rizza and Tracy Mignone lead you through your journey to self-intuit, listen to your inner wisdom and apply practices to connect deeply within yourself and the Reiki energy.  Reiki is a gentle energy and when you feel attuned to yourself, you will better be able to access the deeper connection to Source.  To aid you in your personal journey, Tracy & Jen incorporate breathwork, self-grounding practices, qi gong movement, yoga dharma, journaling and will talk about the presence of Reiki within everything. 

Essential to this training is connecting with the Earth, feeling centered within your surroundings and understanding the relationship of energy and all life on Earth within the Universe.  A portion of this Reiki I training will take place outside, where you will be able to feel the divine energetics of Reiki, Mother Gaia and the qualities of life within everything, as well as take time in beautiful places for reflection through your Reiki attunement and inner awakenings.

Brought to you by not one, but two Reiki Masters, this training is designed to be an experience to best support your unique connection with the Reiki energy, incorporating complementary modalities from the schools of Vedic teachings, Qi Gong, yoga and mindfulness, and set against the exquisite backdrop of Mother Nature.

Upon completion, students will receive a manual and certificate which meet the teaching curriculum of ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training), access to Newtown Wellness Collective’s Reiki Community discussion group, discounted Reiki services with Jen or Tracy, and advance registration for workshops at Newtown Wellness Collective.

Reiki is accessible for everyone, it’s just a matter of fine tuning your dial to see what is already available. Please contact Jen ( or Tracy ( if you’d like to set up a complimentary 15-minute call to talk with one of them about your interest and goals with Reiki.

Learn more about Tracy Mignone here.  Learn more about Jen Rizza here.

Jen & Tracy look forward to welcoming you into the broader global Reiki community.  Both live their lives with Reiki as part of their unique essences of being.  They have trained separately, under different lineages, and collaborate together to bring you a broad and diverse experience with Reiki.

Full Registration fee is $325.00

There is an option to pay over time, broken into 3 installments - use code DEPOSIT at checkout to hold your spot and make a $175 deposit. Additional payments of $95 will be billed (1) at 19 days prior and (1) at 5 days prior.

Cancelations for full refund are available until 3 weeks before the event. If canceling 18 days or more before the training, paid registration fees, minus a $75 administrative fee, will be be refunded. If needing to cancel under 5 days out, paid registration fees, minus a $75 administrative fee, may be applied to future Reiki trainings with Newtown Wellness Collective.

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