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We Are All Mothers

Yes, we are, whether we have children of our own, or no children at all, and regardless of our sex. Men, you, too, are mothers! Within each of us, we hold all the qualities of ‘motherhood,’ a title which extends beyond the birth and raising of children. Compassion, tenderness, care, nurturance, patience and unconditional love are often qualities associated with a mother, and throughout our lives, we all experience and practice giving these precious gifts out into the world!

Taking a look at your close relationships, where might you notice how you bring compassion and tenderness? A nurturing nature to guide someone along? Or patience with someone through times of challenge? All the while (and perhaps even if you don’t particularly like someone), where does that beautiful, honest and deep love show up, unquestioned? We learn all these qualities from our first mother – Mother Earth. She holds all beings and life on our entire planet with love, giving essential nourishment through food, water and shelter, waiting patiently for storms to pass and brighter days to shine, and supporting us to grow into our best and most radiant selves. We have the capacity to share forth all of this in our lives, whether with children or with anyone else we encounter or share time. Within each of us is a mother-figure.

The idealogy of a mother can be sticky for some. Perhaps in your experience through childhood, you didn’t receive these qualities of being mothered. Perhaps you have been trying, unsuccessfully, to become pregnant. Perhaps you reject the idea of raising children? Or perhaps you question yourself as parent? All these are completely valid, and can be a source of stress or pain. Beyond that stress or pain, can you look within yourself or within your close family and friends and recognize tenderness which originates from love? This is how we mother ourselves and others. We cannot change our past, nor can we control our future, yet in this present moment, we have the power to see through the stickiness to honor our mothering nature within; and just maybe, we can acknowledge how we mother ourselves with self-love or appreciate how we share forward love with others.

The capacity for love, as well as empathy, tenderness, kindness and compassion comes from our innate divine feminine side. Just like the Chinese yin-yang symbol, we all possess within us both the powerful and dynamic yang (masculine) and the gentle and easeful yin (feminine) energies. Both must exist for neutrality and balance, and both exist in varying qualities at the same time. Even within the most masculine side of the symbol, there is still a small circle of feminine. When contemplating how you show up as a mother, look to all your yin qualities and know they are always there and that you always hold the capacity for mothering.

Also associated with the feminine and ‘mother’ qualities is creativity. The ability to bring something to life extends beyond literal birth from the womb. We each possess the creative nature to breathe life into something out of nothing – a painting which starts from a blank canvas, a fully developed project which begins with a simple idea, a garden which grows from a seed, a song which evolves from a simple sound – these are just a few examples of all the many ways we bring life into this world. And each of us does this everyday, our creative nature letting us take thoughts and formulating them into words, and then into communication. Where does creativity show up for you? Where are you breathing more life into your own?

This weekend, celebrating an annualized tradition of recognizing mothers, may we all see our beautiful qualities of mothering within. Pause for a moment and give yourself a hug, give a hug to anyone close in your life, and feel that bond of love. Remember into yourself and feel your ability to create, to be empathetic and compassionate, to emanate kindness and patience, and to hold tenderness and softness, allowing all this remarkable feminine energy to nurture you and everyone around you. You are a mother, you always have been, and will forever be. Happy Mother’s Day!

By Jen Rizza, Founder of Newtown Wellness Collective, Reiki Master, RYT yoga teacher and internationally certified wellness guide and coach

**Jen does not have human children, and she considers herself a Mother in this life – to her pets, her creativity and ideas, her business, her clients, her family and friends, and to the world – nurturing, caring, tending, and holding compassion and love.

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