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Unveil Your Truth Under the New Moon

Following the natural cycles of the moon brings a monthly invitation to release anything that holds you back, be that stuck patterns, fixed thinking, emotional baggage, unsupportive relationships and/or untruthful stories you keep telling yourself. This new moon phase is dual-purpose: it is a time to release, and simultaneously a time to plant new seeds, to let the energies of rebirth, with the moon in her naked and bare phase, fuel your intentions to take new actions, discover new ways of being, and open yourself to new perspectives.

Sunday, November 12th, 2023, beckons the moon into the house of Scorpio. And on Sunday and Monday, we’ll experience the new moon in this dynamic water sign, bringing about not only a time for personal transition, but a time to explore your deeper truths. The new moon phase is always a time to release the processing and activity of the preceding 30 days, a sloughing out of old energies, with space created for new possibilities and intentions. And with Scorpio’s influences, this is an opportune time to uncover any truths you’ve been resisting, giving space for them to be acknowledged, and maybe even expressed.

Many people will say they noticeably feel the pull of a full moon, perhaps from her brightness in the sky and tendency to disrupt sleep patterns. However, the new moon, in her darkness, hosts more powerful opportunities to explore the unseen. Our most authentic selves, our truth of being, can easily become hidden away, masked by social and cultural expectations. As you go through the upcoming new moon, the practices below can support your inquisition to discover what has been waiting to be shared with the world. When living misaligned from truth for too long, tensions begin to build and it can leave you feeling disconnected, uncertain, untethered, and in conflict with the world around you.

With gentle practices to give voice to your hidden truths, you can let your revelations fuel you into more supportive choices, inviting greater alignment, and taking leadership for yourself to live more authentically and with greater presence. At each point of reconnection with your unique persona, with your soul’s voice, you open yourself to better self-understanding and you build a stronger foundation to construct the life you desire.

New Moon in Scorpio Practices:

  • Listen to a guided meditation for self-discovery, releasing judgment and expectation gently unearthing your hidden truths.

  • Follow breathwork techniques: start with Samavritti (Even-count Breath) to bring balance to the flow of energies in and out of the body, followed by Breath of Fire to create heat, release toxins and activate kundalini energies of creation, and finish with Lion’s Breath, making a LOUD ‘Hah’ sound to expel unsupportive energies and activate your throat, your seat of communication.

  • Move your body! Use contraction and expansion movements (like cat & cow poses from yoga), letting each contraction of the spine connect deeper into your truth of being from your solar plexus, and using each expansion movement to bring your truths to the forefront, rising up from the belly and into the throat where they can be expressed.

  • Take time for free writing, just allowing whatever words come to mind to flow out onto the page, knowing there is no goal, no storyline, no intended outcome, other than to let what you’re feeling be expressed.

  • Listen to music that stirs your soul, makes YOU feel alive, as your authentic self, and notice how you feel, doing this activity for yourself (and not in the service of someone else).

  • Attend a sound bath, where the vibrations of music from crystal or Tibetan bowls, rain sticks, chimes and/or gongs will resonate into the truest part of your body and soul, giving space for these parts of you to be honored, felt, acknowledged, seen.

  • Practice vocalizing, letting the natural sounds of your voice, your heart, your inner knowing be expressed aloud – just like free-dancing or free-writing, what sounds, from the depth of your being, are ready to be expressed?

Following any of these practices, take some quiet time and let the inspirational energies of the new moon soak into your being. Perhaps lay under the stars in the dark night, find a supportive resting place such as a bed of pillows or hammock, and let your fresh mind dream into possibilities, exploring what might be different, and identifying anything you are ready to set into motion.

The new moon bodes new beginnings, and with an open heart, open mind and open spirit, you can set intentions, take action, and move into living the way you desire, authentically, and in your most powerful truth.

By Jen Rizza, Founder of Newtown Wellness Collective, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Wellness & Healthy Living Coach

**Join Jen on Sunday, November 12th for a gentle yoga movement with inspirational breathwork, invitational meditation and space to explore your truths and give them power to come to light and life. Jen is joined by fellow Reiki Master Victoria Pekhnik, who will guide practices for contemplation and curiosity. This is a magical and powerful evening to reconnect with your truest Self. No prior yoga experience is needed.

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