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The Power of Flowers

With the change of season to spring, we have a visual cue that the darkness of winter is behind us and that warmer summer temperatures are on their way; we have vibrant auspices of new hope - flowers! As the early spring buds begin emerging from their winter slumber, awakening elements of color against the bland hues of winter, we may touch into the deeper wisdom of the Universe. Flowers follow a rhythm of death and rebirth, a reminder that through this cycle of life, we are also shaped and reshaped, time and again, through the seasons of life.

On a cellular level, we experience an invisible daily rebirth, with the miraculous and automatic process of cell division as our bodies constantly recreate their essential building blocks and fuel our capacity for life. With our morning waking, we start each day anew, living a mini seasonal cycle of life, death and rebirth from dawn into dusk. We may also note our souls’ daily quests to find balance for emotional and spiritual rebirth, through the regular chatter between mind and heart. Each day presents new opportunities to explore our infinite possibilities as humans and our ability to rise from challenge, reborn, renewed and ready to face another day, just like the return of flowers after the harshness of winter.

Flowers tell a tale, and when we bring them into our homes, we may revel in their story of slumber, of hardiness and of rebirth, as they quietly invite us to practice the same. Famous botanist, Luther Burbank extolled, ‘flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.’ And the truth is, flowers really are a form of medicine. Flowers are known to promote healing and positive emotions, thus the tradition to send flowers to the ailing, grieving and disheartened. They also promote happiness and excitement, offering hope for brighter days and reminders of the joy in our lives. Being around flowers is like being wrapped in love. With their array of stunning colors, rapturous aromas and cunning textures, flowers awaken our senses and call forward LIFE! And when living from this place of connection within, we nourish our daily rebirths and enliven our senses to be fully present in the world around us.

When embraced in nature with the blossoms of spring and summer, or through bringing flowers into your home, you can stimulate this healing power of flowers. Buying flowers for yourself need not await circumstance nor special occasion. You have the power to honor yourself with the gift of flowers whenever needed. It may even become part of your ritual of renewal, an act of self-love, nourishing your visual, emotional, physical and soulful planes of life. Having such an alignment of mind, body and spirit promotes greater overall wellness on a holistic level; flowers are but a simple means to achieve this.

When you pass the flower section this week during your daily shopping, take a moment and treat yourself to the joy of flowers! It doesn’t need to be an indulgence, as the $8 bouquet is just as beautiful and grounding as professional arrangements. There is simply the intention behind bringing flowers into your life which activates happy hormones and yields amazing holistic health benefits. Be sure to soak in the power of your flowers each day, pausing for a moment (or more) and reflecting on how differently you feel when looking at them, appreciating them, and recalling the journey they traveled through the depths of winter to rise once again! Flowers help to remind us of the ever-evolving cycle of life, of the losses we'll surely endure, yet of the triumphs which follow thereafter.

Through honoring yourself and including the natural beauty of flowers in your life, you increase your peace, deepen your connection with the present moments and train your body, mind and spirit to rebirth daily with joy and positivity.   Flowers, these sometimes small but mighty messengers of hope, are emblems of possibility, perhaps lying dormant at times, but ready to emerge when the moment is right! Boost your mood, promote physical and/or emotional healing, reconnect with your expansive spirit, welcome creativity, and feel the power within you bloom forth! 'If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change' ~ Buddha

By Jennifer Rizza, Founder of Newtown Wellness Collective, Yoga and Reiki Master Teacher, Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle Guide and Coach

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