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Learning to Dance with the Moon!

Many people don’t fully realize the impact of the Moon to life on Earth. While we understand it’s tied to our planet, held in revolution through the force of gravity, and that it influences and pulls our ocean tides, there are many more ways the Moon is connected to all aspects of life here on Earth. Plants and animals innately follow the cycles which can impact migration & feeding habits (for animals and birds) and blooming and nutrient storage (for plants). As humans, with our bodies comprised of 70% water, we, too, just like the oceans, can physically feel the presence of the moon through her phases, as well as sense the workings of her energetic shifts through our moods and emotions.

Perhaps one of the most significant correlations with the Moon is her reminder of the natural rhythm of life and death and rebirth. Through her varied phases, the Moon goes through a constant cycle of birth (waning moon following the new moon), realization (full moon), harvest (waxing moon phases), and death/rebirth (new moon). We know this rhythm annually with the change of the seasons, and for women, we experience this throughout our monthly menstrual cycles.

What a wonder it would be to better understand the phases of the Moon and how we relate and show up through the course of her cycle! ‘In body astrology, the Moon rules our rhythms….its frequent fluctuations most closely mirror our physical ebbs and flows. It’s human nature to wax and wane, but somewhere along the way, many of us picked up the idea that fluctuating moods and energy levels aren’t normal or healthy. Modern culture disregards our cyclicity and expects us to show up for life statically, as though we’re the same day after day…. It’s important to honor our ebbs as much as we honor our flows,’ from Body Astrology by Claire Gallagher.

Starting this month, we’re launching a new series at Newtown Wellness Collective called ‘Dance with the Moon.’ Throughout the series, we’ll explore how we can feel more in balance with our bodies and the rhythms which surround us. We have such great capacity to optimize our wellness, health and well-being by better understanding when we can push forward or draw back, using the naturally available energies of the Moon to support us.

To get us started, we’re offering insights about the upcoming Full Moon this Tuesday, March 7th.

While the full moon is technically the mid-point of the Moon’s cycle, what better place to begin than with the mystical full moon!! Revered for her light, mystified through folklore and pop culture and often seen as an omen, the full moon invites us to turn our attention to ripening intentions and desires. Take a moment to reflect on any intentions you purposefully or perhaps unintentionally set during the previous new moon, which was on February 20th (think back to President’s Day weekend). What did you desire? What did you wish for yourself? Did you set a goal? Any of those thoughts and hopes have carried energy with them and have been gaining strength since the new moon.

During the upcoming full moon, this is a time to nurture and feed your intentions, taking action to help yourself fulfill them, through small or large steps, recognizing that everything always moves you forward. This can also be a time to refine your intentions (insert: if you didn’t set an intention at the new moon, try one out now!). Know that where you focus your attention through the full moon, you fuel continued energies to bring forth what you want. Considered the season of ‘summer,’ of ripening, expansion and growth, the full moon represents fruition of our intentions and desires.

Many feel the full moon negatively impacts us, creating space for craziness and chaos, which can rightly be attributed to the position of the Earth between the Sun and Moon – two forces pulling in opposing directions on the Earth. This generates tension internally and externally. We are also basked in the full light of the moon at night, imbuing increased energy through our usual rest and sleep time. With this time of dynamism and increased energetics, we can lean into openness, exploration and boldly taking action to fulfill ideas we’ve already set in motion, rather seizing the power of this time, instead of fighting against it. So let out your inner Wild and DANCE with the moon!!!

Some tips to make the most of the full moon phase:

1. Try something new – be bold and daring and step out of your comfort zone.

2. Use the light of the moon to revitalize you, increase your energies and fuel your intentions. If you can, spend some time in the moonlight!

3. Set small, attainable daily goals for the next week to push you towards your larger goal and intention.

4. Get creative, make art, write music, intuitively move your body!

5. Use that extra energy and share it – the full moon is a time to feel and express love in your life, and revel with friends in social engagements.

6. Let the energy of the full moon continue with you by recharging your crystals in the glow of the moonlight (this will also impart positivity and opportunity into your crystals, energy you can carry with you into the new moon phase).

This empowering energy of the full moon lasts 4-8 days before shifting into the harvest energy of the waxing moon. Make the most of this time when you will naturally feel inspired to action and fulfillment of desires and goals. Around the 16/17thth of the month, the changing energy of the new moon will start to invite calm and introspection, and we’ll talk more about the opportunity for quiet, reflection, shedding and clearing space for fresh starts in our March 19th event.

For now, from all of us at Newtown Wellness Collective, we invite you to entertain what embracing these lunar rhythms might look like in your life, and how syncing into these natural energetic patterns could support and guide you. It’s time to dance with the moon, your celestial partner in maneuvering through life!

Join us for upcoming Dance with the Moon events which will vary, ranging from in-person workshops at Newtown Wellness Collective in Sandy Hook, CT, to online-hosted events, additional articles and more! Learn more here.

Written by Jen Rizza, Founder of Newtown Wellness Collective

**Inspiration & References:

‘Own Your Glow,’ by Latham Thomas

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