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Energy Cords

Have you heard of energy cords? These are the bits that keep you connected to people, places, events and experiences. Within each person, each encounter, each exchange, there is an energy shared with them, a blend of your energy and theirs, which makes a unique imprint. Together, you both hold this energetic signature, and it’s the ethereal part related to holding memories and feelings about people. As you can imagine, some of these cords are supportive and serve to reprise happy and loving memories and can provide a bit of strength in difficult times. On the other hand, disruptive or unsupportive energetic connections can keep you locked in fixed thinking, holding grudges, unable to break unhealthy habits, and continually linked with things or people you just can’t seem to let go.

This is undoubtedly an abstract concept. To help understand these cords, first think of someone you love and care for deeply. As you think about this person, notice the feelings and memories coming to the forefront, and note any physical sensations in your body. Maybe there’s a particular place you really sense this person, often in your heart or in your navel area. Sensing this person, lean into the feelings and memories, and imagine you could reach out and touch them. Notice how close they suddenly feel, even if they’re hundreds of miles away. This sensation comes from tapping into that energy cord, which you may visualize as a ribbon or rope moving through space, extending from that place in your body and connecting you with your loved one. Perhaps this ribbon or rope even has a color you sense. Whenever you want to feel close to this person, wherever they are, you activate this connection between the two of you, and it makes the cord feel shorter, bringing the essence (energy) of that person much, much closer to you.

You have hundreds upon thousands of cords that you’ve accumulated throughout your life. Some cords naturally fall away or weaken, such as when friends grow distant and fall out of touch, or you no longer live or work near the same people. However, when meeting up with a long-lost friend, and that feeling of familiarity arises, even after decades, it’s because your shared energy cord is reactivated. Everything you’ve shared through your lives resides as an invisible fingerprint of energy, always within each of you. Some relationships, though, you may try extremely hard to break or ‘get over,’ sometimes without success. These are cords which can have adverse impacts on your life, your overall health, and your wellbeing. You’ll recognize a toxic cord by the sensations you feel in your body when you think of the person, place, memory or experience. Rather than feeling that the cord is bringing you closer, you may sense the cord is long, heavy, even sagging, that it coils around you, perhaps almost choking you or making you feel constricted. These are cords which need intentional severing so you can release yourself from their bind.

There are many great visualizations and meditations available to help you process and remove non-serving energetic connections. If an energetic cord is not cut, then you remain in connection with the person, event or memory until you purposefully take action to sever the tie. Some people find tremendous success doing this work on their own, and others have greater outcomes when working with someone. If you’re noticing you have energetic ties that are keeping you stuck in habits or patterns, or in connection with people you no longer need in your life, you may want to enlist help. Different energy practitioners can support your cord-cutting process and help you regain spaciousness, freedom, and relief from people, events or habits which hold you back. With any energy practice, it’s important to remember to set a clear and specific intention. Simply asking ‘may the tie that binds me to ____ be broken,’ is not sufficient. Using a more powerful intention such as ‘I break the cord to ____ in order to gain ____ and release ____, for my greatest and highest good,’ gives directive energy to fuel your intention. If you are only half-in, then you will only get half-out.

The practice of cutting or removing cords is potent. Sometimes you may hold onto unnecessary residual energy from a previous time in your life, or you may feel bound to another person, wanting to disentangle your energy from theirs. Cord removal also aids in releasing the energy of an event which may have prompted unsupportive habits in your life. Weight loss, changing your relationship with substances, overcoming compulsory shopping, moving through barriers which impede healthy habits – these are some examples of where cord cutting can shift your mindset and help you create more supportive practices and habits, after releasing the deleterious energetic bond. Depending on the type of cord you want to disconnect, it is highly advised to work with a therapist or counselor who will help you process the emotions that come up when doing the work of severing energetic ties. Here at Newtown Wellness Collective, two of our practitioners have just completed training to support energetic cord removal and cutting. Jennifer Rizza and Victoria Pekhnik invite you to reach out and schedule an introductory meeting to talk through your goals and desired outcomes.

While the focus in this article has leaned towards working with toxic cords which negatively impact your life, it’s important to remember the incredible value of energetic connections with others, and with experiences in your life. Your feeling body, which includes your sensory and auric fields, holds a large amount of energy, and within this, you hold the sentiments associated with memories. The memory itself doesn’t hold the resonance of the feelings connected to it. Through energetic cord connections, the energy imprints from special moments, places you’ve visited, and especially people you’ve loved, stay with you, giving you access to all the feelings of joy, fondness, excitement, intrigue, contentment, satisfaction and happiness. When you recall these places, people or memories, you tap back into the energetic connection you hold with them, almost transporting you back to that place or time, with the feelings fresh in your heart and spirit! How abstract does it sound to reconnect and remember?

By Jennifer Rizza, Founder of Newtown Wellness Collective, Reiki Master Teacher, Master Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, RYT Hatha & Restorative Yoga Teacher and Certified Wellness Coach

Book a complimentary introductory session with Jen here.

Book a complimentary introductory session with Victoria here.

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