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Embracing the Energy of Spring!

Spring may perhaps be the most anxiously awaited season.  For anyone living in seasonal climates, the dawning of warmer days, more sunshine, the return of songbirds and the peeping of early spring flowers invites the sloughing of winter’s skin.  The time for inward reflection draws to a close with the onset of spring, and the plans, dreams and ambitions hatched through winter’s slumber start to take shape.  Now, nature turns to the spirit of hope and rebirth as seeds become sown, set to take root, and woodland creatures fledge new generations, teaching them to forage and fend for themselves.  Spring invites a return of activity after the quiet of winter!

Spring’s energy is all about vibrancy!  Most people feel an enlivened sense for new, for the space of possibility.  Such is the time for clearing out the ‘cobwebs’ of winter, an energetic cleansing of your home and garden, fostering the creation of space for all that will come.  It’s also a time for shedding weight, both metaphorically and physically.  We are biologically set to hold weight through the colder, darker winter months, and with spring, we approach an optimal time for unburdening the body and the mind.  This is the season of preparation, of laying the foundation for growth and bigger accomplishments.  There is much work to be done in spring, in anticipation of the more energetically playful and warmer summer, the season of ripeness and fruition.  For many, spring is often the time for rituals of changing out wardrobes, uncovering outdoor spaces, planting summer garden seeds and reemergence of a stronger sense of Self.

Through the winter, maybe you took time to reflect on what inspires you and/or what drains your energy.  Maybe you set goals at the start of the year and have been slowly making progress.  And maybe yet, you set larger goals or started to make plans for big trips, important life decisions, or dreamed of what you would do ‘one day.’  The natural energetic push of spring is a prime time to give fuel to your dreams, to double-down and take greater action towards your goals, a time to finally exhale out old habits, patterns and thoughts and to breathe in the fresh air, to let your mind see with more clarity and to begin anew in more supportive ways of being. 

Here are some wonderful ways to engage with this powerful renewal energy of spring:

  • Review your journal or notes through the winter and get clear on what is most supportive for you.  What did you dream of doing through the winter?  What are you ready to set aside?

  • Use this time to set new intentions, lay out a goal plan, and craft an outline for how you’ll accomplish what you yearn.

  • If you’re looking to lose weight, spring brings inspirational and physical energy to set goals and see them through, to take action, to reanimate, get moving, and lean down.

  • Clean your house – quite literally – move everything around, let the stagnant energies caught up in corners, behind bookshelves, under the bed, be released (if you can do this with doors and windows open, all the better!).  Take this time and refresh!

  • Plant seeds, whether for vegetables or annual decorative flowers and watch the magical energy of sunlight, water and care sprout new plants and new life.

  • Prune your houseplants – this is the season to cut back any leggy stems, old leaves and invite space for new growth.

  • Take a class and learn something new – your mind is receptive to welcome new ideas.

  • Work with your hands and create something – paint, clay, small home renovation projects, play an instrument – you’re also filled with creative energy right now and it’s beautiful to harness that!

  • Get out for a walk and enjoy the warmer weather, let the sunlight shine on your face and skin (in moderation, of course) and get some natural Vitamin D to support your body’s rhythms for sleep and activity (Vitamin D helps produce melatonin in your skin, which promotes better sleep).

  • Sit on a bench and listen to the hum of activity around you – birds fluttering about, squirrels scampering, bunnies hopping, the return of flying insects, and children expressing the joy of youth.

  • Connect with YOUR youthfulness, your sense for play and be a (big) kid!  Go for a swing at the playground, play pickleball with friends, take an impromptu adventure.

However you feel inspired, go with it!  Spring brings the energy for ‘what if,’ a space of curiosity and wonder.  There’s a newfound sense of freedom after the inward respite of winter, and it’s the season of love, hope, creation.  If you’re feeling lighter with the longer days and a greater sense of energy to tackle projects and new goals, that’s nature’s invitation to renew, revitalize and refresh! 

May your heart be full, your spirit bright, your inner light radiant and may you feel the energy of possibility surround you!  March 19th is the official transition to spring, though as a friend observed, for Nature, ‘her experience is timeless,’ and she knows no boundaries for the energetic cycle of life.  Let Spring’s returned song echo loudly in your Being!

By Jennifer Rizza, Founder of Newtown Wellness Collective, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Lifestyle and Wellness Guide for Aligned Living

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