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A Look into Reiki

Reiki: Japanese practice of moving energy with the hands, within and around the body, to promote optimal wellness.

Reiki is such a gentle and nurturing practice, founded on drawing the energy of love from within the cosmos and concentrating it to targeted areas in the recipient, be that a person, an animal, plants, entire cities or the expanse of the world. Over time, countless people have found tremendous healing by including Reiki as a therapy in their journey to wellness and health. As a practice, when receiving Reiki, the practitioner assesses your energy fields, within and around your body, and sends loving and supportive energy to balance any imbalances. It’s common for energies to become imbalanced with the pace of life in our modern day, constantly bombarded by text messages, emails, media, social media, advertisements, sound and video – all of which sap your energy or ask you to invest your energy to reply, delete, watch, listen, like or ignore. It can be exhausting, and quite regularly, you have a consistent output of energy just to get through the day. Add in phone calls, meetings, needs of family members, time with friends, walking the dog or just being in a store for groceries, and you’re also exposed to and absorbing the energy of everyone around you. While this can often be loving energy, know that some people and places throw off toxic energy which you’re unintentionally receiving.

With the many ways your energy is influenced by outside sources, your health and wellbeing easily become targets for unmanaged energy, materializing itself as stress and illness. Having practices to replenish, renew and restore your energies becomes essential to fostering greater balance by removing or digesting any intrusive energies, and refueling with nourishing and fulfilling ones. Reiki serves to assist you with this. There are many other practices, such as meditation and yoga, which also help to self-manage your energies, but with Reiki you have the support of your practitioner as another set of eyes and hands to evaluate and help restore balance in your energy fields. Within and around the body, there are 7 ancient traditional energy fields which Reiki supports to regulate. These include the Chakras (7 energy centers located along the spine), Aura (the electromagnetic field surrounding the body), Nadis (representing the masculine, feminine & unified energies), Meridians (14 energy systems connected to major organs in the body), Koshas (5 layers of physical, environmental, mental, emotional and spiritual energy which surround the body), Electrics (pathways of energy movement in the body, generally within the fascia), and the Golden Web/Celtic Weave (interweaving of energies between & among everything). If any one system is out of balance, the others feel the impact. When multiple systems are imbalanced, irregular and unhealthy patterns develop and foster dis-ease.

Where Reiki comes in to support these systems is having a practitioner sense the asynchronous patterns, remove any blockages caused by stress, injury or trauma, and reset the pathways into their natural healthy patterns. Every moment, and especially significant moments, carries with it an energetic imprint. In the case of a muscle or bone injury, the energy of the accident or trauma which caused the injury becomes stored within the localized area. For traumatic emotional events such as breakups, divorce, deaths, the energy of these events becomes stored in muscles and fascia, sometimes in organs (namely the stomach, spleen and heart), and sometimes in your auric field so that you’re literally walking around and ‘carrying’ this energy until you do something with it. Generational history and the burdens of racism, stereotyping, strict cultural conformity also all carry energies with them, and as you’re exposed to these, you absorb them into your body and energy fields. Through Reiki, you can start to break through these old energies which influence how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally, and which can keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns, habits or beliefs.

The science behind Reiki still isn’t fully understood, though the healing modality is widely accepted in hospitals, recovery treatment centers, wellness centers, and in cancer and hospice care facilities across the world as complementary therapy. Most commonly, it is believed that the calming effect of Reiki activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which encourages the body to slow down, fall into a rest and recovery mode, thus allowing the body and energy fields to heal themselves. The human body is a miraculous thing, equipped to heal itself, though is fraught with constant toxic inputs which lead to illness and disease. It would be inappropriate to say Reiki ‘cures’ ailments, but it is evidenced that Reiki promotes and supports healing across the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. This has been known for millennia. While most Reiki practitioners follow the 1920s Japanese teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui, Reiki goes back much farther. When Dr. Usui researched Reiki, he found historical references to energy healing in ancient Buddhist and Vedic (the origins of yoga philosophy in India) texts, as well as within early Christian teachings through Jesus Christ.

The beautiful truth of Reiki is that it can do no harm. Divining from Source energy, be that from God, Buddha, Allah, The Universe, the Cosmos, Atman or whichever name you use for your higher spiritual power, Reiki IS love. It is the positive intention for greater peace and ease, able to help push away any old or unmanaged energies, and most powerfully able to renew the recipient with nurturing love energy. If you’ve experienced Reiki, you know how incredibly supportive it can be, helping you feel lighter, clearer, unburdened, at deep inner peace and sometimes reduced or eliminated pain. In a session, the level of relaxation reached by recipients surpasses massages and sleep. To be able to deeply rest, to come into presence and calm, to feel connected with something larger than yourself while being bathed with positive, life-supporting energy, that is the healing power of Reiki.

At Newtown Wellness Collective, several of our practitioners are Master-level Reiki Certified, available for sessions through the week. Finding your Reiki practitioner is about resonating with that person’s energy, feeling aligned with their approach and style, and is a personal decision for you. We’d love to share Reiki with you and encourage you to check out our practitioners’ profiles! Once you start working with your energy, it literally changes your life for the better!

Written by Jen Rizza, Founder of Newtown Wellness Collective, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Healthy Living & Wellbeing Guide

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