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Class Dates Vary ~ See Full Description


Newtown Wellness Collective

Chakra Balancing Yoga

Varying dates - see full description below. In this class, you'll be invited through approachable yoga movement to access, clear and recharge your body's energy centers.

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Chakra Balancing Yoga
Chakra Balancing Yoga

Time & Location

Class Dates Vary ~ See Full Description

Newtown Wellness Collective, 75 Glen Rd Suite 203, Sandy Hook, CT 06488, USA

About the event

In-studio class

~ 75 minutes ~

$25 per class or $20 with full series of 8 classes

Jen Rizza guides you through yoga poses to support, clear, activate and align your chakra system. Focusing movements to target to the seven energy centers of the traditional chakras, this series of classes promotes fluid and dynamic energy flow in the body. Sign up for individual classes or the entire series.

The seven chakras start with the Root, at the base of the tailbone, the anchoring component of grounding and feeling secure in one’s setting and being. Next is the Sacral, the ‘womb’ space for creation, feeling and possibility, found at the navel. Beneath the rib cage, the Solar Plexus seats identity, ego, confidence and purposeful activity. At the connection between the lower chakras and the upper, lies the Heart, a radiating energy center connected with love, self-love, contentedness, acceptance and compassion. The fifth chakra is the Throat, where self-expression, communication, listening, trust and authenticity reside. Rising tall, the Third Eye, between the eyebrows, seats inner wisdom, intuition, greater knowing and the ability to see from a more global perspective. At the top of the head is the Crown chakra, one’s connection to all that is beyond the physical realm, to the space of infinite possibility and interconnectedness of all beings.

Join Jen for one of the individual classes or come for the full series. There are 8 total classes, each one working through one of the seven chakras and then finishing with an 8th unifying practice to engage all seven energy centers. If there is an area in your life where you want to focus your attention, perhaps a particular class calls to you. By completing the full series, you will work from the foundational root and up through to the expansiveness of the crown, creating deeper energetic healing and cohesive alignment. This work is powerful! It helps you awaken stagnant energies, clear out anything blocking the easeful flow of each chakra and then replenish to feel in greater balance and ease in your life.

Over the course of the series, each class will target a specific chakra: 

~ February 3rd ~ Foundational Root Chakra 

~ February 18th ~ Creativity & Feeling Sacral Chakra 

~ March 2nd ~ Sense of Self & Purpose Solar Plexus Chakra 

~ March 23rd ~ Love & Compassion Heart Chakra 

~ April 6th ~ Communication & Self Expression Throat Chakra 

~ April 21st ~ Intuition & Innate Wisdom Third Eye Chakra 

~ May 4th ~ Interconnectedness & Higher Self Crown Chakra 

~ May 19th ~ Unifying Practice for All Seven Chakras

Yoga is the basis for these classes and there will be movements based on the Hatha, Yin and Restorative traditions. If you are new to yoga, not to worry! These classes go beyond physical movement; they invite introspection, mindfulness, centering, calm, relaxation and empowerment to live in more aligned energetic flow.

Each class is 75 minutes. To begin each practice, the room is cleared of negative energies and then imbued with divine, loving Reiki energy to create a safe container for inner exploration, discovery, cleansing and harmony.  Classes will include guided breathing, movement flow through yoga shapes and space for pause and renewal, all targeting the specific chakra focus for the week. Reiki will be shared throughout the class – you may elect not to receive, please let Jen know when you arrive. Classes will conclude with a practice to connect the activated energies of the target chakra with the other six chakras in the body.

Newtown Wellness Collective practices body awareness and mindful presence. Listening to your body and internal compass are essential to understanding and respecting your unique boundaries and maintaining healthy wellbeing.

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