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Reiki II

Upcoming Reiki II Classes in

Late Spring and Fall 2024


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Perhaps you want to deepen your practice, or perhaps you've felt called to share Reiki with others.... 


This next level class increases your connection with Universal/Source/Divine energy and gives you tools to share and practice Reiki with others.  Reiki I is about your personal journey and connection, and with Reiki II, you uncover your greater intention for sharing Reiki into your community and the world.

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Reiki II Training

Supporting Others' Healing

Having completed Reiki I and embodied these principles for at least a month, you are ready to deepen your understanding of Reiki, increase your self-healing and continue your personal journey by learning the art of hands-on Reiki sessions.  This experience aligns you with the greater, higher good of the Universe and will set you on a path for living in even greater connection with Source, angel guides and your cosmic support system.

In this Reiki II training, you will:

  • Learn to sense and feel your aura and the auras of others

  • Increase your understanding of the Chakra system

  • Learn how to conduct a Reiki session with a receiver in-person

  • Learn how to channel Reiki for a receiver or yourself over distance

  • Receive your Reiki II level attunements, accessing energies beyond current space and time

  • Receive the Level II sacred Reiki symbols

  • Understand important components of running a Reiki business

  • Learn about ethical conduct when becoming a Reiki practitioner

  • Practice mini-Reiki sessions with ‘clients’

For students who have not completed Reiki I with Tracy or Jen, a preliminary 3 hour session in advance of this training will be required.  This ensures you come to Reiki II with the baseline teachings covered in Jen & Tracy’s Reiki I program.  All teachers of Reiki are a little different in their approach, and this preliminary session is intended to best prepare you, in your greatest and highest good, to continue your learning from a place of continuity in Tracy & Jen’s lineages.  The preliminary session is not included in the cost of the Reiki II training, and will be a supplemental fee of $125.  You may register for this Reiki II course, and Jen or Tracy will contact you to set up your preliminary session.  If you have not completed this session prior to the class date, your enrollment in Reiki II will be cancelled and 50% of your course fee will be non-refundable.


To learn more about the foundations explored in Reiki I with Jen Rizza and Tracy Mignone of Newtown Wellness Collective, please click here.


This Reiki II training will also incorporate elements of Nature, with movement and time outside to reflect and connect with Divine Source.  This is all part of the integration of your higher level attunements and strengthens your communication with Reiki energy.  You will additionally have time to practice Reiki in a formal wellness-center setting, preparing you for a career in Reiki, if you so choose.


Upon completion, students will receive a manual and certificate which meet the teaching curriculum of ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training), have access to Newtown Wellness Collective’s Reiki Community discussion group, discounted Reiki services with Jen or Tracy, be invited to join Newtown Wellness Collective’s Reiki Share/Exchange program, and have advance registration for workshops at Newtown Wellness Collective.


Continuing your Reiki training is about being ready to step into greater sense of Self and purpose.  It is with honor and gratitude that Jen & Tracy welcome you to further your journey on the path to deeper knowing of Self and connection with Spirit, as you make this conscious choice to step into the higher calling of service for others.

Full Registration fee is $525.00

There is an option to pay over time, broken into 3 installments - use code DEPOSIT2 at checkout to hold your spot and make a $275 deposit. Two additional payments of $150 will be billed (1) 3 weeks prior and (1) 10 days prior.  Cancelations for full refund are available until 3 weeks prior. If canceling between 10 days and 3 weeks out, paid registration fees, minus a $150 administrative fee, will be be refunded. If needing to cancel within 10 days prior, paid registration fees, minus a $150 administrative fee, may be applied to future Reiki trainings with Newtown Wellness Collective.

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