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Prefer Connecting With Others?

Beach Party

Group Coaching

Group Coaching programs offered through The Newtown Wellness Collective: 

Elevate Wellbeing:

Explore essentials for incorporating more wellness in your life.  From integrating self care practices, shifting to healthier eating habits, managing stress, to finding better life balance, Elevate Wellbeing offers space to get curious about your personal wellness goals, work through obstacles and experience greater overall health.


In this first segment of a 3-part program, take a deeper dive into what disrupts living in a flow-state.  Through the many layers of life and demands, we can become disconnected from our true purpose and soulful journey.  Unrooting begins to peel back the layers which inhibit us, as we then prepare for Part 2: Sowing new intentions and Part 3: Thriving in life.

**This is an invite-only group - contact Jen Rizza directly at for more information**

Looking for personal growth and support with healthy habits?  And does working in a group hold you more accountable?

Click below for more information on programs start dates.

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